Top 5 Football Betting Systems

Not all betting systems are created equal, some are better than others. Here is our top 5 football betting systems.

5 The Staggered Rolling Acca betting

The Rolling acca betting systems been around for a while now, with it’s promise of huge returns from small initial stakes it’s become a favourite betting system amonst the online betting community. The problem with this betting system is that it encourages someone to bet the whole betting roll on every bet, in poker terms it’s going ‘all in’ on every hand. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the flaw in the system, and hence 99.99% of the people using this loose money.

But there is an alternative betting system, this where the Staggered rolling acca betting system comes in. Instead of betting ‘all in’ on every bet, the bettor would take profits at designated levels. so say you start with £25 and your aim is to get to roughly £1000. In a staggered rolling betting system, when you get to £150, you would bank £100 and carry on betting with £50, and then when you reach £300 you would bank £200 and carry on betting with £100 and so on until you reach your goal. By using this betting system you ensure profits along your progress, should you reach £900 and loose on your final bet sure you would feel very bad but you will have banked nearly similar amount.


4 inplay Asian corners betting system


If you’ve been betting online on football you will know the best-kept secret in football betting systems, Asian corners! There’s nothing quite like the value you get from betting on Asian corners. In tight games where goals are hard to come by, it’s corners most football bettors turn to and in certain league’s it’s even better than betting on the over/under goals markets.

The most popular of the corners markets is the Asian corners markets towards the end of a football match. By then, say by 80mins you know what both teams need and how they performed so far in the game. All you have to do is judge how hard the teams are likely to push for goals to the end of the match, the harder one or both of the teams try for late goals the higher the chances of corners towards the end of the match.

Also, towards the end of the match even good sides lose focus in defence, so defences that are not cultured in play start to just ‘kick it out’ of sight, or concede throw-ins and corners that normally they wouldn’t concede early on in the game. Asian corners betting system is a great betting system providing you know the league well and know how both teams play, some teams don’t just play with much width, so not much chance of corners there, others play with wingers who have a tendency to cut inside all the time. The best teas for corners are those who play with overlapping full-backs and wingers who like to hit the by-line to get crosses in.

3 the double betting system


The double betting system is one of the all time favourites betting systems. Two betting picks are combined to make a double, Why would you do this, well sometimes you just can’t good value odds for one selection so you combine two picks that you think have a good chance of winning and you have quite a big win on your hands. Other reasons to use a double instead of a single is you can lower the risk of individual betting selections. So, if you had two picks which you thought had good chances of winning, you could take lower risk market odds on those two same picks and thus giving you a greater chance of winning but you will still get more in return if you had picked individual picks.

2 first half goals betting system

Fo in-play betting this has to the best value football betting system. The first half goals betting system requires a bettor to predict whether there will be goals scored or not in the first half of the football match.

This system works particularly well when a game goes 20-25 into the match without there being a goal scored. Depending on the nature of the play up until that point in the game a bettor either takes the view there will be a goals scored in the remaining 20 mins of the first half or the first half will end 0-0. There great thing about this system is that on average, the first goal in a football game comes after 33mins of play. By this time the the odds on a average game of there being a goal is about 2/1.

Knowing the fact that in most games the first goal in a game comes after this point anyway is what makes this a great value betting system. Of course you couldn’t just do this on every game that goes into the later stages of the first half goalless. It just dosen’t work that way, you still have to pick you games carefully. Some teams tend to score most of their goals in the secon half, others score early on, you have to know what your betting on.

1 In-play goals over/under betting system

This is the by far the best football betting systems known to man. Ever! Ok, it’s our just favourite of the betting systems and for good reason too. Over the years this has been one our most used and profitable betting systems.

Predicting outcomes of football matches is not an easy thing to do, there are so many variables in a game of football. The only relative certainty in a football match is that both teams will try to score goals most of the time. Of course, this isn’t quite true of teams but with most it is.

So how can we most easily profit it? This is where the over/under goals betting systems come in. If you think the game is going to produce goals, you bet over and under if you take the opposite opinion. The beauty of this betting system is the simplicity.

The best method of deploying the over/under betting system is when a game reaches the latter stages without a goal in the game. The odds of the overs market will increase dramatically. If you can read the game right all you have to predict whether there’ll be a goal in the game. Best thing about it is that the goal can be scored by either team, giving an increased chance of it occurring.







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