Top 10 Largest Football (Soccer) Stadiums In The World


While European football may dominates world football, hardly any of the largest football (soccer) stadiums are actually in Europe. Here we take a took a the largest football stadiums from around the world, many you’ve probably never heard of.

10 Salt Lake Stadium

Kolkata, India Capacity 85000

Officially known Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (VYBK), Salt Lake stadium was the largest football stadium in the world until 1989, and the second largest by capacity until 2011. While cricket dominates rest of India, the Bengal region is football mad. Salt Lake stadium is the venue for one the fiercest derbies in world football between East Bengal and Mohun Bangan. The stadium’s record attendance was recorded in 1997 when 131,781 spectators watched the Federation Cup Semifinal between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

9 Borg El Arab Stadium

Alexandria, Egypt Capacity 86000

Opened in 2007, Borg El Arab stadium in Alexandria was supposed to be  part of the 2010 unsuccessful bid to host the 2010 World Cup finals. It is a modern stadium built to be of European standard. While the stadium is not not used by any teams on a permanent basis the Borg El Arab stadium is frequently used by the the Egyptian national team.

8 Estadio Azteca

Mexico City, Mexico Capacity 87000

The Azteca stadium as it is known as in english is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. It’s the only stadium to have hosted 2 World Cup finals in 1970 when Brazil defeated Italy and in 1986 when Diego Maradona’s Argentina won against Weat Germany. The Azteca was also the scene of the famous “hand of god” goal when Argentina played England in the 1986 World Cup finals. Built in 1966, the Azteca has had many renovations since. The Azteca is home the Mexican side Club Ameica and also the venue for Mexican national games.

7 Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium

Jakarta, Indonesia Capacity 88803

Named after the first president of Indonesia Sukarno, the Gelora Bung Karno stadium was first open in 1962. The stadium is mainly used for football while other sporting and enteraiment event are held periodically. The GBK as is it known as locally, has the highest attendance of 150,00 for a football in 1985 between Persib Bundung and PSMS Medan.

6 Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Capacity 89411

The Bukit Jalil National stadium was built to host the 1998 Commonwealth games, since it has been the home of the Malaysian national football team. While the the Bukit Jalil Stadium host mainly football games, it has aslo hosted many other international tournaments such as athletic competitions, South East Asian games and many pop concerts.

5 Wembley Stadium

London, England Capacity 90310

Known as the “home of football”, the Wembley stadium was compeletly rebuilt in 2007 for over £800 million. Probably the most famous stadium in the world, Wembley Stadium is home to the England national team and temporaily home to London club Tottenham Hotspurs for 2017-2018 only. Wembley stadium has hosted many tournament since it opened including two European Champions League finals, Boxing events, regular season NFL games and many big concerts and entertaiment events.

4 Rose Bowl Stadium

Pasedena, United States Capacity 91542

While the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, USA is primiraily used for College (American) Football, the venue was the host for the 1994 World Cup finals. First open in 1922 it’s also the oldest in our list of stadiums. Aside from the 94 World Cup final between eventual winners Brazil and Italy, the Rose bowl has also hosted CONCACAF tournaments, USA National team games and FIFA women’s World Cup tournament in 1999.

3 FNB Stadium

Johannesburg, South Africa Capacity 94736

First opened in 1989, the FNB or “Calabash” as it is known as locally went through heavy renovations before hosting the 2010 World Cup Finals. The FNB is home to the South African Premier League club Kaiser Chiefs and the South Africa national team. The FNB was also the site of the first speech by the late Nelson mandela after his release from from prison and his last public speech during the 2010 World Cup finals.

2 Camp Nou

Barcelona, Spain Capacity 99354

One of only two stadiums from Europe to make it into the top 10 of largest stadiums in the world is the famous Camp Nou, home of Barcelona F.C. The largest football stadium in Europe is going to get even bigger, with current renovations taking capacity to 105000.Opened in 1957, the Camp Nou had the highest capacity in the 80’s when it could over 120000. The Camp has hosted many sporting events, including the summer Olympic games in 1992 and the World Cup finals in 1982 and host of European club tournament finals.

1 Rungrado May Day Stadium

Pyongyang, North Korea Capacity 114000

Where else would the largest football stadium be but in Pyongyang, North Korea! Designed like something out of star trek, the may day stadium is certainly a looker. Rarely used, well because North Korea don’t take part in many international tournament, the May Day stadium was largely used for the mass games, which have not taken place since 2013. The May Day stadium is also used for friendly football matches against neighbouring countries and also hosts other sporting events such as athletics and marathons.

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