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Everyone loves a Rolling Acca bet from time to time, so here is our guide to how to best make use of them and profit consistently

Rolling Acca’s are very popular in football betting nowadays, you only have look on Twitter or Facebook to see how tipsters are punting them.

Truth is, most who do these Rolling Accas are almost always are worse off in the long run. But there is a way to make sure you are covering your back and make steady healthy profits in the long term. In this article, we’ll look at the of popular Rolling Accas and our won brand of Rolling Acca that we’ve used for many years to make consistent profits.

Rolling Acca Strategy

Rolling Accas are very simple. In the most generic form, it involves making a bet then rolling over the winning amount on to the next bet and so on so forth until you reach a predetermined amount.

The catch with this strategy is, of course, trying to win several bets in a row with losing is near impossible. So, what many do to counter this is they bet on low odds meaning a bet with a high likelihood of winning.

Of course, there is a problem here too. How many times have all of us bet on heavy odds-on favourites to win only for them to draw to even lose? Countless I am guessing. And that’s exactly what happens with these types of Rolling Accas, they win a few bets, grow the pot and before you know it a heavily odds-on favourite outcome will end up losing. Because football isn’t played on odds and often the favoured outcomes just don’t materialise.

So how can we profit from Rolling Accas? Well, there is a way and we call it the BetMaster Rolling Acca. We haven’t quite trademarked the betting strategy (if such a thing is possible) but we have been using it for our won betting for many years with a great deal of success. Feel free to share this Rolling Acca strategy with anyone who’s into football betting, we’re happy when we’re all beating the bookies.

BetMaster Rolling Acca

The traditional Rolling Acca comes up short in two areas. First, Usually the goal is too large giving them little chance of achieving it without going bust many times in between. Typically, most Rolling Accas tend to aim for £50-£1000, that’s a 2000% ROI. Great if you can make it the first time but not so great if it takes you 30 attempts, that’s £1500 to reach £1000, not so great.

Secondly, most Rolling Accas are bet on the wrong markets. When you are betting your whole pot in a single bet, it’s prudent to think about the bets you are making to give you the best chance of winning. Most bets for Rolling Accas I see on Social media are totally the kind of bets for such risky strategy.

In our Rolling Acca we start with £25 with the aim of turning it into £150, a fivefold increase on our investment plus our initial stake. We then bank two thirds (£100) and start another Rolling Acca, this time with £50 with the aim of trying to turn it into £300. Once we reach our goal of £300 we again bank two thirds (£200) and carry on the next Rolling Acca with the £100 leftover.

By doing this way we make sure we bank profits regularly in short intervals so if we need to we can dip into our profits to start a new Rolling Acca and not have to deposit ever more funds into our betting account.

To give our bets the best chance of succeeding we also choose bets very carefully. For our Rolling Acca bets, we tend to steer away from calling winners for games or goal scorers. For the Rolling Accas we tend to bet on outcomes that both teams can contribute towards, like Goals, corners, cards etc. Typically, we look for odds of around 1.5-1.8, anything shorter and it takes too many bets to reach your goal and longer odds and you’re bound to come unstuck trying to get right 4-5 bets of odds over evens.

Below is an example of a typical BetMaster Rolling Acca

BetMaster Rolling Acca

Bet 1
£25 1.6 £40  
Bet 2
£40 1.65 £66  
Bet 3
£66 1.6 £105.6  
Bet 4
£105.6 1.5 £158.4 £108.4
Bet 5
£50 1.8 £90  
Bet 6
£90 1.7 £153  
Bet 7
£153 1.5 £229.5  
Bet 8
£229.5 1.4 £321.3 £221.3
Bet 9
£100 1.7 £170  
Bet 10
£170 1.75 £297.5  
Bet 11
£297.5 1.5 £446.2  
Bet 12
£446.2 1.5 £669.3 £469.3
Bet 15
£200 1.7 £340  

Let us know how you get on with our system, Good Luck.

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