Over/Under Goals Betting Strategy

Over under goals betting strategy

What is Goals Over/Under goals betting?


One thing a beginner football punter always asks is how can there be half a goal? Well clearly there cannot be half a goal, but this is how bookmakers often present the goals markets.

So, for a 2.5 goal Over bet, you would need at least 3 goals in the game for your bet to be a winner, any goals after the 3rd goal in the game bears no impact on the bet.

For the 2.5 goals Under bet, you would need there to be fewer than 3 goals in the game. Again, any number of goals fewer than 3 is all you need for the bet to be a winner even if it’s a goalless draw.


Different Over/Under Markets

Bookmakers offer many markets for goals betting; each market has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below is a list of the most popular Over/Under goals markets offered by leading bookmaker Bet365.

Over/under Goals

This is your bog standard Over/Under Goals market. Bet365 usually offer from 0.5 over/under goals all the way up to 7.5 over/under goals. The 2.5 goals Over/under goals market is by far the most popular with punters since the odds for an average fixture is likely to be around evens.

First Half Goals Over/Under, Second Half Goals Over/Under

This market is the same as above but only for the first half or second half. Bear in mind while the First half goals Over/under is also available as an inlay bet whereas the Second half Over/under is only a pre-match bet. The odds for the First half goals is always higher since statistically there are always fewer goals in the first half than there are in the second.

Total Team Goals Over/Under

This goals market is for Goals for a specific team. The total match goals do not count in this bet. So, if you bet on the home team to score over 2.5 goals and the match ends with the home team losing 2-3, the bet is a losing one since the home team only scored 2 goals.

Had the bet been Under 2.5 goals it would have been a winner since the home team scored fewer than 3 goals.

Asian Goal Lines Over/Under

Asian goal lines are very different from the normal Over/Under Bets since there are possibilities of a void bet and the ability to bet on multiple outcomes in one bet.

 For example, 1.5, 2.0 Over match goals is two bets in one, and so the stake is split half and half on both bets. The first half is bet on the 1.5 section of the bet and the other half on the 2.0.

 If there were only two goals in this game the 1.5 portion of the bet would be a winner since there is more than 1 goal in the game and.

The second portion of the bet would be a void bet and stake returned since there were only two goals, not enough to win the bet but your stake would be safe since 2.0 goal line means if there are two goals in the game your stake is safe.  

Over/Under Betting Strategy

Goals Over/Under markets are one of the best in football betting. There are many strategies that can be deployed to make the best use of these markets, below I’ll list the strategies I’ve used over many years with remarkable success.

These strategies have been tested for many years and in many different leagues and have always produced good consistent returns.

Over 0.5 Goals In-Play

This over 0.5 goals strategy is for games that run into the latter stages of the second half with the game goalless. The key aspect to observe in this strategy is the drive and desire of the teams to get a win.

So, if a game has a lot an attacking play and there are plenty of shots on target then it’s quite likely there will be a goal before the end of the game.

I usually wait around the 70th-minute mark when the odds for a goalless game is around evens. The most important thing I look for is a team throwing caution to the wind and really going for a win.

An increase in shots on target count is also another important factor. Above all, you must pick you’re your teams and leagues for this strategy carefully. There are some teams who are happy to take a draw and there are also leagues which inherently have few goals late on in the games and of course there are leagues where the opposite is true.

Pro Tip- look for at least 10 shots on target in the game. Opt for the goal line market, the odds are higher

First Half Goals Over 0.5 In-Play

This is one of my favourites in play betting strategies. It like the previous system. This time we’re only concerned with goals in the first half. Again, I like to bet on games that are goalless.

I watch for games that are goalless around the 25th-minute mark and if one or both team look like they are pushing for goals then that a good sign of an imminent goal. Shot on target, a run of corners and one team dominating play are all signs of a goal coming soon.

Pro-Tip if you’re brave wait around the 35th minute, the odds will be above 3.0 for most games. The average time of the first goal in games is 34 minutes.


Over 2.0 Goals Accumulators

The Over 2.5 accumulators are very common and popular but the problem with them is that there’s always one or two legs that will let you down. Instead, I use the over 2.0 Goal line accumulator.

A well-researched Over 2.0 accumulator has more chance of winning than a 2.5 since your covering the legs which may end up only having 2 goals in those games. The research is key and only pick games in which you think there’ll be at least 4 goals.

Pro Tip- Use Soccervisata.com to see which teams and leagues have a high goals-per-games ratio.



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