My Favourite Leagues For Betting On Football

My Favourite Leagues For Betting On Football

Ask ten people what their favourite league is for betting on football and you’ll probably get ten different answers. In this post, I’ll list the League’s I always look to first for betting, the teams and the betting markets I use the most in those leagues.


The best League’s in the world for betting


The Eredivisie for me is the best League in the world when it comes to betting opportunities. There is great attacking football, with lots of fresh young talent all over the league. If you’re someone who likes to bet on positive outcomes then the Eredivisie is the league for you.

The Eredivisie has the highest ratio of goals per game of all the major European leagues, not only that they also have high corner counts and one of the lowest draws percentages of all the Major European leagues.

But the reason I love the Eredivisie above all is the attitude of the players playing in the league. In every match, no matter the quality of opposition or the position in the league, players always try their best to score goals, which for a bettor like me is perfect. Not only is there great betting opportunities but I can enjoy great football at the same time.

The same goes for the Eerste league, which is the youth/reserve league of Dutch football. Even more so in this league than even the Eredivisie, there are goals aplenty in matches and it’s one of the few leagues where I can confidently place bets on Over 4.5 goals in a match.

What teams in the Eredivisie/Eerste are best to bet on?

Jong Ajax- They are reserve/youth side of the famous Ajax club, and as such, they play great attacking football and almost always there are lots of goals in the games they are involved in. whether they’re conceding or scoring themselves. My favourite bet for games involving Jong Ajax is Asian Goal line 3.0

PSV- PSV have been my go-to team for goals bets in the Eredivisie the last few seasons. The great thing about PSV is that they play care-free football so they are as likely to concede as they are to score goals. My favourite bet for games involving PSV is First Half Goals Over 1.5

Heracles- Heracles almost always seems to finish in mid-table of the Eredivisie since I started to follow them. The thing I like about them is that they always seem to get a goal somehow, even when they’re playing bad, which is often. So naturally, my favourite bet for games involving Heracles is Both Teams To Score.

Premier League/England

While the Premier League may be the most famous and probably the most entertaining league in the world, it’s actually not that great in terms of betting. Due to the popularity and readily available information on teams and players in the Premier League, it’s hard to find value bets since all factors are priced in by the bookmakers. Still, there is plenty of betting opportunities if you know where to look.

The great thing about the Premier League is that while every angle is covered by the bookmakers to price markets precisely. Neary every game is like a mini cup final with many twists and turns and thus giving us opportunities to profit from betting.

The Premier League has something for every type of bettor, if you’re like me and primarily bet on positive outcomes, then there’s plenty of teams who play positive football and are always looking to score goals. Then there are the pragmatic teams who are strong defensively and allow the opposition plenty of possession.

While I avoid pre-match bets on Premier League matches, I do however love betting in-play on Premier League games. Usually, I’ll monitor games for around 20 mins at the start of the game then look for betting opportunities. While I don’t have any favourite teams I bet on in the Premier League, there some betting markets I always look to for opportunities.

My Favourite Betting markets For Premier League Betting

Asian Corners- Without a doubt, the market I bet on more than any other in the Premier League is the Asian-Corners. I love this betting market and I use it more often than any other. I especially bet on this market when teams with attacking full-backs or wingers are playing. Often I wait till around 35 minutes of the first half and if there’s a lot of attacking play with more than 6 corners in the game already then I’ll place a bet on the Asian corners market.

First-Half Goals- The Premier League is awash with teams who look to get good early starts. The pace is frantic from the off and this opens up games for goals to be scored at both ends. I use First-Half Goals betting market the most on Saturdays when there are full fixtures and I can quickly scan the games to see which has the most goal-mouth action. While ultimately it’s a question of judgement, I typically only bet on goal-less games with high shots and corners count that looks to me like a goal is imminent.

Match Goals- This is my go-to betting market for goal-less games in the latter stages, roughly around the 70-minute mark. If I feel like there’s there at least a goal in the game, I’ll wait for the odds to go up around evens before placing a bet on Match Goals Over 0.5. Things I look for in these games are: both teams attacking, or one team overbearing on the other team and mounting attack after attack. The games I avoid is where one of the teams look relatively happy with a draw,  which is quite rare luckily in the Premier League.

La Liga/Spain

I have a love/hate relationship with the Spanish La Liga when it comes to betting. I love betting on games involving either Barcelona or Real Madrid for the sheer amount of opportunities on offer when these two giants play. But I hate the amount of play acting and time wasting that goes on in the La Liga on a regular basis. Of course, if you’ve got a bet on while these antics are going on it’s even more infuriating.

Rant out of the way, there is no doubting that the La Liga is probably the best League in the world for the sheer amount of talent on show. Most of the top-10 best players in the world are playing there and the league is packed with technically gifted players in most teams.

Betting wise, I tend to concentrate on just several teams in the La Liga. While good value can be found betting on the minnows and the mid-table teams, I’ve never been successful betting on those games, and why change something if it’s working!

Teams And Betting Markets I Bet On In The La Liga

Barcelona- There is absolutely no point just betting Barcelona to win as they often tend to as you won’t get decent odds to make it worthwhile. Instead, I look at other markets in-play for betting opportunities. One of those in-play markets I use often when betting on games involving Barcelona is team-to-score before (Time). This bet though I use when an opening goal has already been scored since Barcelona often score their second goal soon after scoring their first.

If a game involving Barcelona is goal-less approaching around the 25-minute mark( which is rare) I often bet on First-half Goals Over 0.5, the caveat to this is if Leo Messi is not on the pitch (which also is rare). Normally for other teams, I would place my bet on that stats of the game but rarely have Barcelona let me down when I’ve bet on them to score in the first half.

One market I rarely bet on in Barcelona games is the Corners markets. Barcelona don’t tend to play with a lot of width and so most of their attacking play is played through the middle, not a lot of chances for getting high Corner counts. Also, they are great passers of the ball and so rarely put in crosses which could be blocked for corners.

Real Madrid- Real Madrid are the team that keeps on giving if you’re betting on them, and I love betting on their games. Real are a high scoring, high octane team who score a lot of goals and often concede a few themselves. Great for betting opportunities.

As with Barcelona, there’s little point in just backing Real Madrid for the win as the odds are as miserable for Real as they are for Barca. And as with Barcelona, I tend to do most of my betting on Real Madrid games in-play.

Unlike Barcelona, Real Madrid do play with real width, and they do often make crosses into the penalty box which are likely to get blocked for corners. So naturally, I always look to bet on Asian Corners, particularly late in the first half (the game is often decided by late second half)

Real are a great attacking team but they are suspect defensively, on many occasions teams will score first against Real Madrid only for them to come and win. This I find particularly true when Real are playing opposition from the lower half of the La Liga.

If an opposing team playing against Real makes attacking forays at the start of the game then I use the Both Teams To Score In The First Half market. The odds are usually high, around 5.0 if the game is goalless. As the odds suggest, this is a very risky bet but the risk for me is one-sided.

If a lowly team scores against Real Madrid early in the first half, a Real goal in the same half is almost certain. That being said, proper staking management should be used, I usually bet half my normal betting stake on bets like these.

Other Leagues And Teams I Regularly Bet On

Roma/Italy- Italian football isn’t known for attacking football, with the exception of a few teams. Roma are one of those teams that lean well to my style of betting. They play attacking football and also often concede goals from the opposition. The betting markets I use most on their games are Total Match Goals pre-match and Asain Corners in-play.

Juventus/Italy- Juve are one of the best defensive teams in the world but they also have great strikers in Gonzalo Higuain and Pablo Dybala, if they take the lead, they often win. Juve are also one of the few teams I bet on to win games outright, often when they’re playing away when the odds are quite favourable. In some Juventus games when they are playing notable opposition I often bet on the Both Teams to score-NO market.

Bayern Munich/Germany- Bayern are the best team in Germany and by some distant. The odds on their games are often dismal so I have to resort to what would normally be riskier markets for other teams. My favourite bet on Bayern games is to win HT/FT. Bayern often take the lead quite early in matches and as they have a great defence they don’t tend to concede many goals.

Borussia Dortmund- While I don’t bet on Dortmund nearly as much I used to, I still keep an eye on their matches for betting opportunities. Dortmund are also a great attacking team who seem to score as many as they concede. 

The betting market I use most on their games is the Match Goals market as their games are often over 2.5 goals and both team to score(btts) markets.

PSG- PSG are the biggest team in French by some distance and they have some wonderful attacking players in their squad. While the French league is poor in term of betting opportunities, matches involving PSG are usually filled with goals. My favourite bet for PSG games is First Half Goals Over 1.5, in depending on the state of play I always look for Asian Corners in their matches.


While this isn’t a complete a list of all the leagues, teams and betting markets I use. It is, however, is a list of the most often used. I hope this article helps to improve your betting and I wish you luck in your betting adventures. 


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