Complete Guide To Betting On Corners

Corners betting guide

Bookmakers offer many betting markets, some are worth betting on others are best left alone. Corners betting markets are some of the best-betting markets for consistent sensible betting. In this article, we’ll go through everything you’ll need to know about corners betting markets. We’ll go through the different corners markets offered by bookmakers. We’ll show the best corners betting markets and the best bookmakers for betting on corners. We’ll also show you how to spot betting opportunities in games where you can place a corners bet. 


Why bet corners anyway?


When you betting on football, you can bet on just about any outcome in a game. Corners betting has become one of the most popular and profitable betting markets you can bet on as bettors look for value in niche markets.

Compared to other sports, Football is a relatively low scoring game, so betting on match outcomes on a traditional 1×2 market or match goals over/under is sometimes very hard. Were as Corner tally are not reflected in the results of the match and so teams are more likely to concede or get corners.

Often, teams that eventually end up losing a game will rack up more corners than the eventual winners of the game. Corners markets are particularly good bets in tight games with few or no goals since both teams are likely to press forward in search of goals.

If your new to betting on corners it can seem quite confusing with the variety of different corners betting markets offered by most bookmakers. We’ll take a look the different corners betting markets offered by the most popular betting sites.


Different Corners betting markets explained


Depending on the bookmaker you use, most will offer many markets for corners betting. Below is an explanation of the most common corners markets available. All examples used are from Bet365 and the Roma Vs Liverpool match in the semi-final of the Champions’ League. 

3-way corners
3-way corners betting market on Bet365
3 way Corners

In this corners market, bookmakers will offer a total corners tally for the match. You can bet on over, under or exact corners tally for the match.

The odds offered are a reflection of the bookmaker’s expectation for the number of corners expected in the match. Needless to say, the highest odds are offered for the exact selection due to the risk involved in the bet.

Bear in mind in this 3-way market, there is no possibility of a void bet as there is on Asian corners lines since there is an exact selection available. So if you bet with over or under and the match end on the exact corners selection, your bet is a losing one unlike on Asian corner lines where your stake would be returned.

Alternative total match corners
Alternative Match Corners betting market on Bet365
Alternative Match Corners betting market on Bet365

In this market, you are given a selection of corners in a match and for each, you can bet over, under or exactly. This market is exactly like the 3-way markets with the exception of having more choice of the number of corners in the match.

Total Match corners
Total Match Corners Betting Market
Total Match Corners Betting Market

Unlike 3-way corners for Total match corners, you are given choices of ‘brackets’ of corners for the match. Typically 4 to 5 selections of corner brackets are offered as well as the minimal number of corners with an option to bet under and a maximum number of corners in a match with the option to bet over.

The odds for the different selection of brackets are typically a lot higher than you would get if you were to bet on traditional over/under corners betting markets. Be careful though, you have to be very precise in your judgement of the number of corners there will be in the match since falling short or a higher tally of corners in the match will make your bet a losing one.

Team Corners
Team Corners Betting Market
Team Corners Betting Market

Unlike total match corners the team corners bet is focused on the each individual team’s corner count. For either team, you can bet either Over or Under a number of corners offered by the bookmaker. The Number of corners offered for each team is based on the bookmakers’ assessment of that team’s likeliness of getting corners in that match.

You can bet both Over or Under for both team, there is no possibility of getting exact corners in this bet, either your bet is a winner or it will lose.

2-way corners
2-way corner betting markets
2-way corners is one of the most popular corner betting markets

One of the most popular markets for betting on corners, the 2-way corners market has 2 possible betting options. You can either bet over if you think there will be more corners than listed by the bookmakers, or you can bet under if think the opposite.

For example, if you were to bet Over on a 10.5 corners selection and the match ended on 10 corners in total, the bet would be a losing one.

First Half Corners
First half corners betting market on bet365
First half Corners is great for in-play betting

Just like 3-way match corners but the bet is only for the first half including any injury time that might be played. Like 3-way match corners, there are three possible outcomes, Over, Under or Exactly. There is no void bet here, either you win the bet or lose.

Corners Match Bet
Corners Match Bet betting market on 365
Corners Match Bet

This selection is similar to 1×2 for betting on the match result, except here your betting on which team will get the most corners.

Like a football match result, there are three possible outcomes, a home win, draw or an away win. The odds for the draw is significantly higher than the match result draw.

Corners Handicap Betting
Corners handicap betting market on bet365
Just like match handicap, you can bet on corners handicap

Similar to other forms of handicap betting, the corners handicap works in a similar way. The bookmaker will give a handicap to the team that is predicted by the bookmaker to get more corners in the match.

In the corners handicap, there are three possible outcomes. The Home team may get the most corners after the handicap is applied, the can be a tie after the handicap for the tie is applied or the away team may have the most corners again after the handicap is applied.

In handicap corners betting, it doesn’t really matter the actual number of corners a team get but the bet is settled after the handicap is applied.

For example, if team A has a handicap of -5 corners and team B has a handicap of +5 corners and both teams end the match with five corners each, the actual total as far as this bet is cornered is Team A 0 corners since they have a starting handicap of -5 corners and Team B will have 10 corners since they had +5 corners at the start of the match. 

Asian Corners
Asian corners betting markets on bet365
the daddy of all corners betting markets, the Asian corners markets!

Asian corners are slightly different to normal corners betting. Whereas in normal corners betting there are three possible outcomes, in Asain Corners, there are only two possible outcomes and if neither outcome if fulfilled then the stake is returned and the bet is void.

For example, if a bet was placed on 5 corners in first half Asian corners and the first half ended with 5 total corners, the stake would be returned and the bet would be a void. 

Time of First Corner
time of first goal corners betting market on bet365
Can you predict the time of a corner in a match?

As the name suggests, this bet relates to the time of the first corner in the match. The corner can be awarded to either team but the corner must be taken by the allotted time to count for the bet.

The time offered is different for every game and it’s worked out by the bookmaker based on the perceived likeness or there of corners in the match. If team playing has a record of high corner counts then the time would be shorter than a match involving teams who have a history of low corner count.

First/Last Match Corner
first match corner and last match corner betting markets on bet365
First and last corners betting markets, more luck than judgement is required to win on these markets

These bets relate to which team will be awarded the first or the last corners in the match. The odds for the corner bets are usually around evens for most teams.

multicorners corners betting market on bet365
Multicorners or just a pointless corners betting market?

Multicorners is a corners bet were the number of corners for both teams in one half is multiplied by the number of corners again by both teams in the other half. So for example, if in a match there were 5 corners in the first half by both teams and 5 corners in the second half of the match by both teams. The multicorners score would be 25 since 5×5=25.

The best Corners Betting Markets?

While there are many corners betting markets available from various bookmakers that doesn’t mean they are all good betting markets. Now, everyone has their favourites but here I will list the markets I’ve had the most success with.

First Half Asian Corners

This is the betting market I use more than any other by a country mile. Up until a few years ago I never used to bet on corners. In fact, I was a goals specialist and then a friend pointed me to an article about corners betting and the rest is history.

The reason I bet on this market more than any other is that the odds are always decent and there are many more betting opportunities than the goals markets.

If you can master this betting market, there are opportunities to bet and profit from it all day, every day. I use First Half Asian corners mainly on in play bets. That way, I can asses the game situation and thus the likelihood of further corners in the game.

Asian Corners

Same as the previous market but for the full length of the game. I use Asian corners mainly on pre-match bets. Whereas for the in play bets I look for the in-game state of play, the pre-match bets require a little more research.

The key to success on the corners betting market is finding games with the right teams who are likely to win and concede corners.

Team Corners

Team corners is a great corner market bet for teams who naturally play with a lot of widths. Again this is a bet best used for pre-match bets rather than in-play.

When using this corners market you have to be careful about the opposition too. Some opposing teams will defend well and will try not to concede even corners.


Best Bookmakers for Corners Betting


When it comes to online betting, Bet365 are the runaway champions and I use them for nearly all my online betting. They offer great markets and are always innovating to provide new tools for punters like cashout and bet builder. Bet365 are also great for corners betting. They offer many corners betting markets, also competitive odds too.


Betfair is one of the biggest online bookmakers in the world. They run both a betting exchange and the sportsbook. They offer great corners betting markets both pre-match and for in play betting. You can’t go wrong with Betfair.

Tool and Resources for Corners Betting

For any kind of betting, research is key. Just betting off the cuff is never a good recipe for success, no matter how good your intuition is. Luckily there are many tools and research resources out there to help us in our quest for betting success but none are as good as just applying some good old sound judgement.


This is my secret weapon against the bookies. I’ve used this website for many years to find betting opportunities and build betting systems. This is a website full stats in leagues and on teams you never heard of. Their data library is just huge, and you could spend hours just browsing their different dataset.


Not only are Bet365 are a great bookmaker they also provide great research data. They have a great research tool that allows you to find data on any league or team. While their dataset is not as in-depth as Soccervista they still provide the best data sets of any bookmakers.


Someone from somewhere has set up a website dedicated just to corner stats, thank heavens for the internet! This is a little gem of a website. Here you’ll find every kind of corner and other footballing stats imaginable. The depth of the data is astonishing and for a football stats geek like myself, I often get lost for hours just looking up obscure footballing stats. This is a paid service but they offer a free trial period and definitely worth it if you’re a serious bettor.

Final Thoughts

Betting on corners can be very profitable but as with every form of gambling, there is risk involved. In my 15 years of betting experience, I have found specialising in certain aspects of the game is far better for consistent betting success than to try to predict everything in a football game. 

Needless to say, every betting strategy/system has its flaws and I’m certainly not saying betting on corners always comes off, but it has worked for me in the long long term and I believe if someone is serious and dedicated to learning and being patient it could for them too. 

Thanks for reading this article, please comment below if you have any questions about any subject raised in this or any other article. GOOD LUCK and PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS 


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