Best Betting Markets For HUGE PROFITS

Best betting markets

Bookmakers offer hundreds of betting markets in each game to lure punters to part with their money. They offer huge odds and attractive promotions to tempt you into betting on markets which will leave your account empty in the long run. But which are the best betting markets that are worth placing your money on? In this article, we run through the best-betting markets for consistent profits in the long run.


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Best Betting Markets


Best Betting Markets


Asian corners

PSG vs Guingamp Asian Corners

Asian corners are simply the best betting markets available! Asian corners offer the best value and odds compared to all the other markets offered by most of the bookmakers. Asian corners are slightly different to normal corner markets as you have the possibility of void bets. e.g if the bookmaker sets the Asian corner market at 10 and the match finishes on exactly 10 corners, the bet is void and your whole stake is returned whereas in the normal corner markets its either a straight win or lose the bet.

Typically most bookmakers will set the Asian corners for most matches at around 10-11 corners, while some matches don’t come anywhere near that corners count, many surpass that count easily. Those matches that often surpass the bookmakers have some characteristics in common, master the art of finding the ‘formula’ and you have a winning betting system.

How And When To Use Asian Corners?

There are many Asian betting markets offered by most of the bookmakers but we prefer the Corners above all else. There are two type of Asian corners markets offered, pre-match and in-play Asian corners.

Pre-match bets are based on historic teams statistical data and match motive, not every game is a candidate for the Asian corners bet, and not every league is good for this bet either. As with any aspect of betting on football, it’s your judgement that will make the difference, that being said there are a few things to look out for when scouting for possible pre-match Asian Corners bets.

Playing Styles- Some teams will naturally get more corners because of their playing style, teams that play with wingers and attacking wingbacks will always get more corners than teams that play “tiki-taka” style through the middle.

Deep Line Defence- Teams that defend deep in their own box concede more corners than those who defend high up the field, particularly with weaker defensive teams who don’t mind conceding corners as long they don’t concede goals.

Long Range Shooting- There are teams who will take pot-shots at goal at every given chance, thus raising the chance of more corners. A team with a couple of players who like to shoot from long range is always a good sign for corners bet.

Team Drive- While every team would like to win every game they play, league position, tournament priority and strength of the opponent often determine how they approach the game. A team languishing in mid-table towards the end of the season has far less drive to win the game than a team going for the championship or fighting for league survival.

In-play Asian Corners

While pre-match Asian corners totals are set before the match starts, the in-play total corners is set and adjusted during the game based on how the game is being played. By closely following the game development, we can gain match insight and predict corners total of the game. As with pre-match bets, there are few things to look out for in a game which can determine the corners total outcome. Here are a few to look out for during a game before placing an Asian corners bet.

Underdog taking the lead- When a weaker team takes the lead in a game, they invariably sit back deep and try and defend that lead. Often they will defend well in their own penalty box conceding corner after corner as the more favoured team presses ever more the equaliser. This is the best scenario for Asian corners bets as the defending team is hemmed in and cannot escape their own half conceding multiple corners.

Red card- When a team loses a player, the opposition instantly gains the confidence to attack at will since they have a player advantage on the pitch, and this makes the chance a higher corners tally more likely.

High scoring game- In open games with lots of goals, it’s also likely there is a lot of last-ditch defending which makes the chances of higher corners tally more likely.

Both teams attacking- The best scenario for corners betting is both teams attacking equally as this would mean both teams are contributing to the total corners count. While evenly matched teams often produce few goals, they do often concede many corners since both teams are equally trying to get a goal.


First Half Goals

First half goals is one of the best betting markets because odds for goals in the first half is always higher than in first half goals betting marketthe second. Statistically, there are more goals scored in the second half than the first, so if we can identify games with high probability of goals in the first we can benefit from higher odds from the goals.

Naturally, Goals are the least occurring events in a football match, there are always more corners, fouls, cards, throw-ins and so on. So goals are very hard to come by but they do occur in most matches, and often in the first half. On average the first goal in a match is scored in the 33rd minute, well within the first half. The average odds in a goalless game for the first goal in the 33rd minute is 3.25.

The other advantage of betting on first half goals instead of the second half is you avoid some of the uncompetitive aspects that can occur in the second half of the match sometimes like play acting, wasting time and sometimes settling for a draw or if a team is well beaten then both teams will just play out the match without pressing too hard for more goals.

Whereas in the first half, most teams will press goals until the end of the first half, and as is often the case both teams will re-double efforts to get a goal in the final few minutes of the half so they can go in at halftime in the lead.

How to find matches for first half goals bet?

While first half goals is one of the best betting markets, it’s not a perfect bet in every match. The first half goals bet can be placed pre-match or in-play, both require different research and observations.

Some teams will always look to score early to secure an early lead while others will look to grind down the opposition and are happy to wait for the opposition to make a mistake for them to pounce on, you have to know teams well and observe the match closely to master the first half goals bet.

While first half goals is one the best betting markets offered by bookmakers you still have to do your research, here are few things you should look for when scouting for the first half goals betting market.

Recent form- Form matters in football and no more so than when it comes to scoring goals. A team in good form is more likely to repeat their recent success than a team in bad form. If a team is in a rich vein of goalscoring form, then they are far more likely to get early goals against weaker teams.

Quality of opposition- Good teams score goals against bad teams in football, this is just the natural law of football and better teams score in the first half against weaker opposition. Whereas, two evenly matched teams may take a long while to ‘feel’ each other out, often not scoring until well into the second half.

High shots count- Teams rarely score with their first shot on target rather, teams more often build up pressure and score when the opposition team finally makes a mistake. A high shots count in a match is a good sign of a match on the brink of an opening goal.

Possession domination- Pressure is built by dominating possession, particularly in the opposition’s half. When a team has 60% possession coupled with relentless attacking play, a goal is imminent.

Sending off- While sending offs in the first half is rare, they do happen occasionally. A team reduced in numbers will always find it harder to stop the opposition from scoring.

A goal in a game- On average, it takes 12 minutes for the second goal to be scored in a match after the first is scored. If a goal is early on in the first half, there’s a good chance there’ll be a second goal in the first half.



Total Match Goals Over/Under

total match goals betting marketTotal match goals is predicting how many goals there will be in a given football match. The goals can be scored by both teams or just the one, hence this makes it one of the best betting markets. This is usually a 90 min (plus injury time) bet, goals in extra time do not count towards the total. Various bookmakers offer slightly different variations of this bet but they’re all pretty similar.

Over/Under- If you think there’ll be lots of goals in a game then you bet Over, or if you hold the opposite view you can represent that by betting Under.

The most popular bet is the 2.5 over/under, through a selection of total goals markets are offered by bookies. While the odds aren’t great you can even bet on just a single goal being scored in a game by betting over 0.5 conversely, you can bet on no goals being scored in a game by betting under 0.5, in which case the odds would be very high pre-match.

Asian goals Along with the normal total match goals, most bookmakers will also offer Asian goals. Asian goals have three possible outcomes, win lose or void, in which case your original stake is returned. The benefit of choosing Asian goals is that you have a greater choice of goals betting markets.

Partial bets- Partial match goals bets are goal line bets where your stake is divided equally into two separate bets. These are great betting markets because it allows you to take risk with some level of safety.

How to find matches for total match goals over/under bets?

Total match goals are one of the most popular and best betting markets as betting opportunities are quite easy to identify after you know what to look for in a match.

Total match goals bets can be placed pre-match, in which case the odds for the different goal lines will depend on the teams playing and historical data. While in-play goals lines odds are more dictated by the state and nature of the match.

While it can be prudent sometimes to bet on total match goals under, it’s can often turn out to be a poor bet since you are limiting yourself to exact number of goals in a match while betting total match goals over has no limits, as long as the desired number of goals is scored the rest of the game action is disregarded. For this reason, we advise only betting Match goals overs.

most bookmakers offer statistical tools to analyze teams data, BET365 have a great free research tool that can be used to analyze games for total goals markets.

Choose league’s wisely- Different leagues have different characters, some leagues have a higher number of goals than others. The French and the Italian league’s aren’t known for a high number of goals per game, whereas the English and Dutch leagues on average have higher total match goals per game.

Choose matches wisely- While some teams naturally score more goals than others, match situation plays a lot when looking for a total match bet. Choose matches where both teams will look to score. Matches where one team is happy to get a draw, is rarely a good match for goals.

Weak defences- Matches involving a team with a weak defence is always likely to return goals. A good attacking team playing a team with a weak defence is the best scenario for the total match goals bet.

Unexpected lead- when a weaker teams the lead against a better team it’s a good time to go in-play on the total match goals markets. While weaker teams may take the lead, they rarely hold on to it. The better teams are more likely to throw caution to the wind and go for goals.

Bore-draw- When a game goes into the latter stages(last 20 mins) without a goal being scored in the game the odds on a just solitary goal being scored often raises to above evens. If the teams have sufficient motive to and win the game there is a high chance of a goal being scored in the latter stages as the players tire and more mistakes are made.



Clean Sheets

Clean sheets betting markets are a prediction whether a team will either concede a goal or not (clean sheet). Clean sheets markets are offered by most bookmakers and are a very good betting market alternative to the riskier both teams to score bets.

Clean sheets are offered on a team basis and consists of two possible outcomes, YES=team will concede a goal, NO=team will not concede a goal. The clean sheets bet is a 90 mins (plus injury time) bet, if a goal is scored in extra time it does not affect your bet.

The clean sheets markets can be bet upon pre-match or in-play. The odds of a team keeping a clean sheet is usually the greatest pre-match, the odds will normally narrow as the match progresses. conversely, the odds not keeping a clean sheet is the narrowest pre-match and the longest nearer towards the end of the match in-play.

While the clean sheets is one of the best betting markets, it does have its limitations. The clean sheets bet can only be used for teams that are very good defensively or extremely poor, this bet does not very well with normal teams since its hard to predict whether or not they will keep a clean sheet.

When and how to use Clean sheet bets?

While form and style of play can tell you a lot about how a team will perform overall, it’s not a very good measure of whether a team will keep a clean sheet. While Clean Sheets remains one of the best betting markets, for that reason, it’s a good idea to only use this betting market in-play when the pattern of play has been established somewhat. While following a game in-play, here are a few things to look out for if you want to bet on this market:

Away team taking the lead- In football games, the onus is usually on the home team to take the game to the opposition, but often the away team will take a surprise lead. Usually, the home team will redouble their efforts to at least get back on level terms.

This is the where the Clean Sheets market comes in. In this scenario, you’d want to bet on the away team conceding a goal. The risk here is minimal. since most away teams will are happy to be just a goal ahead when playing away. If the home team has sufficient quality a goal usually is scored, few away teams can withstand barrages of home team attacks, though it can happen occasionally.

Red card- When a team get’s one of their players sent off it puts pressure on that team to hold on to whatever it has at that time, especially if they have a lead. In this scenario, the team with 11 players on the pitch have more license to play more adventurously and score goals and thus a bet against the team with 10 players to keep a clean sheet is a good move.

Mounting Pressure- Often even the best teams find it difficult to break down a well-drilled defence, but the best teams often find a way, eventually.

Good teams often exert continual pressure on the opposing defence before they score a goal. When an attacking team is mounting wave after wave of sustained attacking play on the opposing defence, that defence more often than not will break and the attacking team will get a goal.

This is probably the easiest method to observe since it’s very obvious a team is dominating the opposition without having scored a goal. When a team is peppering the opposition with shots, winning free-kick in dangerous areas and winning corner after corner, this is a good time to bet against the defending team of keeping a Clean Sheet.



Double Chance

While the Double chance markets are rarely used, this has to be one of the best betting markets in the match result category. The Double Chance markets allow you to bet on two match outcomes simultaneously, at the expense of shorter odds.

The Possible Outcomes of Double Chance Market

Home and Draw(1X)- For this bet to win you would require the home team to either win or draw.

Away and Draw(X2)- For this bet to win you would require the away team to win or draw.

Home or Away(12)- For this bet to win you would require either home or away team to win.

When and how to best use Double Chance markets?

While the double chance market is one of the best betting markets, used at the wrong time and occasion it’s useless. The first thing to note is that betting to Double chance you will be taking a hit on the odds as opposed to betting outright on result markets. So, you need to be careful you are winning enough percentages of these bets to offset the odds reduction.

Double Chance is a betting market that is equally good for betting pre-match as it is for betting in-play, it is also referred to sometimes as a sceptic bet since you a betting on two different outcomes. Being a sceptic in football betting is not a bad thing, and covering more outcomes is always a good thing. So what should you look out for when looking for a Double Chance bet? here are a few pointers.

Out-of-form Favourite- sometimes when you look at odds for a match some teams are always short odds no matter who they’re playing or even if that team in bad form. This happens because big, no matter their form always attract big money so the bookmakers have to have them on shorts odds otherwise their liability would be huge if that team were to win.

This is where the Double Chance bet comes in. When an out-of-form big-name team is playing an inform unknown team the big name team will still be favoured to win. And while it’s hard to say the inform team will win against the bigger name team, it’s safe to say they have a good chance of not losing. In this case, an away or draw(X2) Double Chance bet would be placed. If the result is other than a favourite win your bet would be successful.

 Late Comeback- When scouring matched in-play sometimes you’ll notice matches with favoured teams a goal down. This happens often to good teams who only seem to perform well once they have gone a goal down.

If the match is in the latter stages, the odds the losing team to come back and get a win or draw will be quite high.

This is a perfect use of Double chance bet, especially if the losing team is playing well and pushing for the equaliser. And while you could just bet outright for the losing team to come back from a goal and get the win, you are covering both possibilities of a win and draw.

Double Chance Accumulators- While accumulators in general, are a waste of time, doing an accumulator of Double chance outcomes can be a good bet.

Accumulators often are lost because of one or two legs of the accumulator losing. By doing an accumulator of Double Chance outcomes, you are covering 66% of the outcomes.

While the odds will be shorter than doing outright results, by picking carefully the games you add to your accumulator, the odds can be generous. This is even more effective when used in conjunction with “Acca Insurance” or Acca Edge from Betfair to safeguard your betting stake.



To Win Either Half

Football matches are 90 min, after which the team that scores the most goals win the game or if equal number goals are scored by both teams it is a draw. For the To Win Either Half bet either of the teams needs to win either half of the two halves.

The To Win Either Half market is a pre-match bet where you can bet on either team winning at least one half of the match. That is to say, the team your betting on will outscore the opposition in either half of the 90min match.

The odds for this market is normally shorter than the outright win market because you only need the team to win one half of the match. If the team your betting on takes a one-nil lead at half-time and goes on to lose 1-2 in the second, your bet will still be successful since they won the first half.

To Win Either Half is a rarely used market, and only a few bookmakers offer this market, Bet365 and Betfair to name a couple. To Win Either half market is usually found in the ‘special’ section of the betting markets. You can bet either YES or NO for both teams.

This market is mainly used when you are betting large amounts and you don’t mind taking the lower odds. In return, you get two chances of winning since the two halves are treated as two different events.

So if you were betting on Arsenal vs Tottenham and you bet on Arsenal To Win Either Half, if at the end of the first half the score was 2-1 to Tottenham and the final score was 2-2, your bet would win since Arsenal would have scored more goals than Tottenham in the second half. By the giving you two chances of winning this is one the best lower odds best betting markets.

When to use To Win Either Half bet?

Safe bet- There will be times when you are averse to taking big risk, especially if you betting large amount or have built a large bankroll on a Rolling Acca or some similar betting system, this is where you can use To Win Either Half. By taking the lower risk bet you can continue to build up your bankroll to ever greater amounts.

Backing the underdog- Sometimes your research will show an underdog is likely to get a decent result against a favourite. While the odds might be tempting, rarely do these bets come off. But underdogs often win at least a one half of the game before the favourite comes back and wins the game outright.

Sometimes a favourite will go in at half-time with a big lead and not score at all in the second because of the big lead they already hold and the underdog often scores a solitary consolation goal in that scenario.

To Win Either Half Accumulator- Like the Double Chance Accumulator, the To Win Either Half accumulator is a better option if you like doing accumulators. Build up a five or six leg accumulators of teams that in-form and are scoring freely, while the odds won’t be great as the outright wins, the chances of it coming off are far greater.



To Score in Both Halves

To Score in Both Halves is a bet where you are betting on a team to score in both halves of the 90min match irrespective of the final outcome of the game. While this is one of the best betting markets, this bet can only be used for a small selection of teams.

While this bet offers greater odds than the Double Chance or the To Win Either Half markets it is a riskier bet hence the higher odds, but used for the right teams and this market can offer higher odds than outright win markets.

To Score in Both Halves is best used for teams who score freely and look to score until the end of the game. There are many good teams who are very good, but they play measured football where they do just enough to win and are very good defensively.

For this bet, you want teams who are very good offensively, who have world class attacking players and create chances at will. It also helps if these teams are poor defensively and often concede goals so they have to chase a game they are likely to score in both halves.

Which teams to bet on To Score In Both Halves?
  • Barcelona- Probably the best attacking the team in the world, they probably also have the best striker in the world in Leo Messi. Barcelona almost always score in the first half and also often go on to score in the second half, this was made for them.
  • Real Madrid- Madrid are a team that just love to score goals. While they have a great attacking team, they often start slow and concede a goal. This is great for this bet since it normally pushes Madrid into full attacking mode and score bundles of goals in both halves.
  • Manchester City- Manchester City have become a goal machine in recent seasons. They have great attacking players who create chance after and they very good strikers who love to score.
  • Bayern Munich- Bayern are the dominant club in the German Bundesliga, and they often steamroller over all but a few teams in the league. They have great attacking players and a world-class finisher in Lewandowski. Bayern often take the lead early on in the match and are usually 2 or 3 up by half-time.
  • PSV- The Dutch league is renowned for goals, and PSV at the moment are best at scoring them. PSV often take the lead in a match early on and go on to score a hatful more until the end. They are a good bet for To Score In Both Halves bet because they are also quite poor defensively so they have to rely on outscoring their opposition often, they often do.



Time of First Goal


Time of Goal is a betting Market offered primarily by Bet365 in which a time is offered for the first goal for both time of first goal betting marketteams. The time of the first goal is set by the bookmaker for both teams depending on the quality of the teams the style of play, it’s also assumed the time offered is the average of the time of that team’s first goal over the season or recent matches.

While there are many bookmakers offer time for goals, this market is the best betting markets in those. Most bookmakers offer slots of time for either first goal or any goals scored,  these markets are a pure gamble since no could predict what’s going to happen in specific slots of time, usually 10mins slots.

Whereas with some careful research, you can gain some insight as to how early a team is likely to score. Research and good judgement are key for this bet and there are few specific factors to look for this bet.

Time of Goal is a pre-match bet and is not available when the game is in in-play and it’s not offered in all matches. Typically, Time Of Goal is offered in the better-known leagues, such as the major European leagues and some South American leagues.

How to find teams for Time of Goal bet?

Elite teams playing away- For top-class elite teams playing at home, the time of the first goal bet for the home team is set relatively early, around the 30mins mark in the first half.

While the same team playing away will get on average an extra 10 mins for them to score their first goal of the game.

Top class teams will often score early whether playing at or away. The best teams always to look score early especially when playing away to home the home crowd

By betting on top-class teams when they’re playing away, you are essentially getting an extra 10 mins for the bet to come through, an added bonus is the best teams will often put more effort into getting an early goal when they’re playing away.

Flat track bullies- Life isn’t fair, and neither is football. Some top-class teams will just bully some smaller clubs and score lots of goals against them.

By researching which big teams tend to score freely against certain lesser teams, you can,  with some degree of certaintity bet they will also score against them relatively early.

Betting on the underdog- Some better teams while they are great going forward, they’re not so good defending. These teams often concede goals from lesser sides but still they go on to win, since they rely on outscoring the opposition.

The time for these lesser teams to score their first goal is usually set around the 80 mins mark and come with better odds than the favoured team’s first goal.

While it’s risky to bet poor teams, you’re really betting on the better teams inability or lack of defensive abilities. Both stats and history show that these lesser teams will often get a goal against the big boys who play with a very attacking philosophy.



Anytime Goalscorer

The first player to score is a popular bet offered by most bookmakers. People are attracted by high odds, or they simply just want their favourite player to score. Not a good way to bet. While it might be fun and make the game more exciting these bets rarely come off because it’s a  pure gamble bet.

The better option to bet is the anytime goalscorer bet. With this bet, the selected player can score anytime in the game for the bet to be successful. Again, while anytime scorer is the best betting market for the goalscorer markets, it’s easy to get carried away and bet on unlikely goal scorers.

For anytime goalscorers, it’s wiser to take the lower odds and bet on proven goal scorers who score regularly and are in rich vein of form.

Another thing to note is that this market should be used for all games, preferably this market should be used for run-of-the-mill average games against poor to average teams. Also, games between two big teams quite often produce few goals or end in stalemate. When goals are scored, they are often scored by a player you’d never think of to score, so it’s also prudent to avoid big games for this market.

Here Some players who are a bet for the anytime goalscorer market:

Leo Messi- Possibly the greatest player of all time, he is certainly the best goalscorer currently and has been for many seasons. While odds for Messi to anytime are always low, he scores most games he plays.

Cristiano Ronaldo- Ronaldo is a goal machine, and like Messi, he scores virtually every game he plays in when he’s in a run of form. Ronaldo does however often starts the season slowly and comes into his from the middle to the end of the season. The great thing about Ronaldo is that he scores in big games, whether it’s a Champions League cup final or an important international game.

Luis Saurez- Luis Saurez has become a great striker. He tends to score most of his goals against the lesser sides, so avoid betting on him for the big games.

Harry Kane- Kane has proved he is a goal scoring machine over the past few seasons. Kane tends to score most of his goals against the mid-table to lower half of the premier league.

Robert Lewandowski- Lewandowski is the perfect centre-forward. He scores with both feet, headers, free-kicks and penalties. While he is always odds on to score anytime in a game, in the past few seasons Lewandowski has scored in 87% of the games he’s played in. That’s a banker.

Edinson Cavani- Cavani has the advantage of playing in a poor French league and with such attacking talent supplying him with chances, Cavani is always a good bet for the anytime goalscorer.






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